NEW: Posts in English

Hi everyone

I’ve decided to not only please my dutch followers, but also write English to reach a more international crowd.

But what is it that I write about? Let me tell you by a small introduction:

Have you just missed your bus? 10 missed calls from your lover? Somebody knocking on your front door right after you’re in the couch for some ‘Netflix & Chill’. Last warning to pay for your items from an online clothing company? Did the bartender just say to you that they ran out of ingredients for your favorite cocktail? We all take a deep breath and think: ‘What’s next!?’ …

Do you also feel sometimes that life runs on wheels but you yourself have rollerskates on? How does it work with others? Is it ‘just your luck’? I proudly make myself ridiculous to be able to share everything with you. So read it now and think afterwards: well, that’s next!