Fort Myers. A beautiful city near Cape Coral. Some might say that the city is a total package with its beautiful beach, unique shops, bars, restaurants, and foods that are almost too tasty – (is that even possible?). During our road trip, we visited Fort Myers quite a few times and have eaten there twice: at Ford’s Garage and at The Lodge. Both times, you could roll us out of the restaurant!  At Ford’s Garage, everything is themed as a Ford garage and The Lodge is the perfect après ski restaurant, but without the skiing part. In the evening, we visited Sky Bar, a fancy rooftop bar where we danced our asses off.

Fort Myers has a clean beach where many watersport activities are organized. We skimmed over the waterduring the ‘Dolphin Jetski Tour’ – afterwards I realized that I had discovered my dream job.

Fort Myers give me them tips:

  • Give them a tip: America is known as the ‘applause-audience’. Even when we gave the ‘dolphin seeker’ only 5 dollars instead of 10, we felt guilty. His disappointment was as big as my smile when the dolphin just dove under our jet ski. So keep in mind that you always have enough cash for tipping and toll.

Fort Myers on a scale: vliegtuigvliegtuigvliegtuigvliegtuig


Meet Jermz, AJ or as I call him: monkeyface (AKA: my boyfriend)


Key West the most stunning island I’ve been to. This beautiful island spontaneously reminded us of a new series on Netflix that would probably look like this: ‘everything is good here, nobody knows about anything and then suddenly … BAM .. a murder, or something like that’. We rented a scooter and drove around the entire island. Key West is the perfect place to feel happy on a bed of a hassle-free existence. The inhabitants are all equally cheerful / friendly and are always willing to give you all the info about this beautiful place. Key West is the place to be for all snorkeling fans. A trip to Key West = keys to the Goodvibes Only Show.

Key West on a scale: vliegtuigvliegtuigvliegtuigvliegtuigvliegtuig

Key West give me them tips:

  • Just keep swimming, swimming, swimming (on Dori’s): Be sure to snorkel! Are you a real pro? Then rent a boat to continue with guidance for snorkeling (note: we did not do this ourselves). Although my snorkel mask from Decathlon did not make me the most beautiful mussel in the sea,  it was practical. The mask made it possible to breathe both through my nose and mouth and even go completely under water. We acted tough and strong, but the seaweed that tickled our underbelly (and was quite scary), made the snorkeling adventure a very small adventure.
  • Key West Express: Many people like to enjoy a road trip to Key West via the Overseas Highway, yet we decided to go by boat. This ferry hadrecently been renewed and it is a real must-do. Although I was almost in my purest Eve form (= naked) because of the wind, the beautiful sunset on our way back made it totally worth it. If your clothes are windproof and if you are ready for a beautiful view on Key West then there is only one message: JUST DO IT!
  • Sloppy Joe’s: The bar with the best ‘Draught Beer’ in the neighborhood. There are regular shows organized and the hospitality is a unique atmosphere booster.
  • Willie t’s: The dollar bar. This bar consists entirely out of cash. At the end, you can staple a dollar on the wall with unique messages: from ordinary toilet statements to romantic declarations. Also leaving your number on the dollar bill was a frequently used stunt to get off the ground (the one who does not dare, is the one who does not win).



Some last thoughts

Why Florida stole my heart? Simple, my heart beat less quickly (in the right way). I could really calm down there. Everything is open almost 24/7. No stress after work (which I did not do there, but can imagine it vividly). When I want to go to the store in Belgium, I have to take all my tactics and strategy skills to their absolute limits to find the best way in which I can visit all the shops before closing time. As soon as my work door closes, I sprint (okay sprinting is exaggerated) to my fast Ferrari (okay that too is exaggerated), Fiat 500 to hope that every traffic light on my route stays green when I get closer. The cursing is infinite, when the grandpa in the car in front of me does not go faster than a snail from a slide. I realize that I can not do the pharmacist, supermarket, bank, health insurance and spectacle shop all at once, and I show this by punching my horn and screaming ‘SHUT UP’ to the radio host. It’s too awesome to not come home and think ‘damn now I have forgotten my mussels in the store for tonight’s mussel platter’. Do you not even want to drag your fantastic self out of the car in America? Then just do a drive-in pharmacy, Burger King, supermarket and (believe it or not) ATM! A drive-in ATM machine, I repeat it so that you have certainly read it – aweeessoommmeee.

The fantastic trip to Florida came to an end. I have seen the most beautiful things and done the most fun things. At the end, I realized that I was blessed to do all this with my wonderful boyfriend. USA, I am in love with your people, your style and your environment. I’ll definitely come back for more.

See you later (alligator, after a while croccodile)



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